Dollar Photo Club Closed, 99 Club a Better Alternative

The Dollar Photo Club will be permanently closed on April 15, 2016. Many creative members, such as bloggers and designers, will have one less stock photo website to purchase and download high quality images at a great price from. Fortunately, another stock site with fairly the same kind of product opens. 99 Club by Stock Photo Secrets offers its newest members with 200 XXL images for only $99 per year. It welcomes Dollar Photo Club expired members and non-members to join.

Adobe Stock and 99 Club: Which is a better Dollar Photo Club alternative?

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Since Adobe Stock acquired the Dollar Photo Club, members have the choice to transfer their accounts. Now, what are the benefits of doing so? The Dollar Photo Club ensures a smooth transition for its members. It gives them the opportunity to transfer their unused downloads and use them within a year without financial commitment. All transfers should be completed before April 15. After that, the remaining downloads will be void and the service will no longer be available.

Adobe Stock also provides Dollar Photo Club expired members with an amazing discount. For one year, they can download 10 images per month for only $9.99. Additional downloads will be available for $0.99 per image for the promotion. After one year, standard subscription rates will be resume – unless cancelled. Of course, an Adobe ID is required to avail of the promotion. Unfortunately, purchase from Adobe Stock is not possible in all countries.

On the other hand, 99 Club provides both Dollar Photo Club members and non-members equal opportunity to its amazing offer. For only $99 per year, they can download and use 200 XXL premium quality stock images – double the amount of image downloads offered by the Dollar Photo Club. The stock site has a continually growing collection with over 4 million images in the library and 60,000 to 80,000 new images added every month.


What makes the 99 Club a better Dollar Photo Club alternative? Well, the number of downloads for a ridiculously low price is reason enough. Members will have access to high resolution images with royalty-free license and model/property releases included. They can also use the images in any project forever since the creative assets do no expire. Furthermore, they do not have to worry about additional fees or auto-renew.


The Dollar Photo Club does not accept new clients any more. It is also preventing its current members to update their billing information and renew their membership. After April 15, members will no longer have access to their member area and purchase history. All unused downloads will not be refunded. However, they can be retrieved by moving their accounts to Adobe Stock. Features and benefits considered, while Adobe Stock is a good alternative, it is not better than 99 Club.

Troubleshooting Adobe Stock


Are you using Adobe Stock as your primary image source? If you are, then you should familiarize yourself with these helpful tips. While the stock photo agency boasts world-class images, it is still a website that can encounter technical problems sometimes. But, this should not stop you from getting Adobe Stock photos. Here are some troubleshooting tips when you are faced with certain issues.

  • Unable to use Adobe Stock photos with Adobe Illustrator. This is a common problem for CC desktop application users, especially Adobe Illustrator. When this happens, try to download the files through the Licensed History page. If you are still unable to download the file, sign out from the website, sign back in again and try to download photos again. You can also try clearing your browser cache and deleting your Internet history if the above tips fail. Before all these, you have to make sure that your pop-up blocker is not blocking the download page, your browser accepts cookies and your firewall does not block outgoing information.
  • Can’t use Adobe Stock with desktop apps other than Creative Cloud. As a standalone website, you can use Adobe Stock with any photo-editing application. This means you can download the image to your computer. After the image downloads, open it with your favored photo-editing application.
  • Adobe Stock photos look different in browser. Another common problem of Adobe Photoshop users is that images are rendered differently in browser than in Photoshop. In this case, make sure you are working in RGB color space. RGB is a standard for most PC monitors. Adjust the contrast or brightness if the monitor displays color differently.


If you are still having troubles with Adobe Stock, you have plenty of options to take. You can visit the website in the common questions section, ask the community of experts or connect with the stock photo agency’s staff. The website also offers an online manual and tutorials. You can also get assistance from the stock site’s awesome support people. Were this troubleshooting tips helpful? We hope you find the answer to your problems.

If you are new to Adobe Stock, you will surely love it. The stock photo agency offers over 45 million world-class royalty-free images. You will surely find the perfect image to jump-start your creative projects. If you are using Creative Cloud applications, you are in for more treats. You can save money with the exclusive 40% discount on members and time from complete reworks when you finally decide to license the image.

Stock Photo Secrets offer you another opportunity to enjoy further discounts when you get an Adobe Stock coupon. Make sure you get your coupon code from to ensure that you have valid and active codes.

Shutterstock Coupon Code for Creative Professionals on a Budget

shutterstock logoAre you looking for stock images but do not have enough budget? We are the bearer of good news! One of the largest and most successful stock photo agencies in the industry is offering deals that provide discounts on your purchases. In fact, Shutterstock has gone an extra mile in helping its avid users by partnering with Stock Photo Secrets, an international online stock photography resource that provides savings, licensing information, and free photos.

Buying stock images from Shutterstock can be a bit expensive than other stock photo agencies. And, there is reason for that. Shutterstock has among the largest stock photo libraries with over 65 million creative files in its collection. But, that is not a challenge anymore. The stock photo site provides its users with the chance to further their savings without comprising quality through Shutterstock coupon codes.

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The stock agency is well aware of scam sites that offer Shutterstock coupons and discounts. That’s why the website decided to offer the savings instead. You can get as much as 20 percent discount on your next order. If you wish to get further savings, you can get them from, a legit and reliable resource of active coupon codes. Here are some things you need to remember when getting a Shutterstock coupon 2015.

  • A Shutterstock coupon code can only be used once. Like other discounts and deals, you can only avail of the discount one time. Once you have used a coupon, you cannot use it again to make another discounted purchase.
  • com coupon cannot be used on your current order. If you are currently subscribed to a plan and you get a coupon, you cannot use it to avail of discounts. You have to wait for your next purchase to use it.
  • Shutterstock coupons are only applicable to online, Standard-license purchases only. You cannot a coupon for Shutterstock to get discounts from Enhanced and image license. If you need images for larger audience, bigger print runs and more, you need to avail of the Enhanced license on regular pricing and plan.
  • Get them from trusted sites. Shutterstock fairly warns the creative community on the presence of scam websites that claim to provide coupon codes. The website encourages you to download the coupons from the site itself and affiliated websites to acquire active and valid coupon codes.
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With Shutterstock coupons, you can start spending your time finding the images you need and download them – even with a restricted budget. The stock photo agency provides equal chances to avail of their services to small companies and starting creative professionals. With over 65 million creative choices, you will surely find the image you are looking for at discounted prices.