Shutterstock Coupon Code for Creative Professionals on a Budget

shutterstock logoAre you looking for stock images but do not have enough budget? We are the bearer of good news! One of the largest and most successful stock photo agencies in the industry is offering deals that provide discounts on your purchases. In fact, Shutterstock has gone an extra mile in helping its avid users by partnering with Stock Photo Secrets, an international online stock photography resource that provides savings, licensing information, and free photos.

Buying stock images from Shutterstock can be a bit expensive than other stock photo agencies. And, there is reason for that. Shutterstock has among the largest stock photo libraries with over 65 million creative files in its collection. But, that is not a challenge anymore. The stock photo site provides its users with the chance to further their savings without comprising quality through Shutterstock coupon codes.

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The stock agency is well aware of scam sites that offer Shutterstock coupons and discounts. That’s why the website decided to offer the savings instead. You can get as much as 20 percent discount on your next order. If you wish to get further savings, you can get them from, a legit and reliable resource of active coupon codes. Here are some things you need to remember when getting a Shutterstock coupon 2015.

  • A Shutterstock coupon code can only be used once. Like other discounts and deals, you can only avail of the discount one time. Once you have used a coupon, you cannot use it again to make another discounted purchase.
  • com coupon cannot be used on your current order. If you are currently subscribed to a plan and you get a coupon, you cannot use it to avail of discounts. You have to wait for your next purchase to use it.
  • Shutterstock coupons are only applicable to online, Standard-license purchases only. You cannot a coupon for Shutterstock to get discounts from Enhanced and image license. If you need images for larger audience, bigger print runs and more, you need to avail of the Enhanced license on regular pricing and plan.
  • Get them from trusted sites. Shutterstock fairly warns the creative community on the presence of scam websites that claim to provide coupon codes. The website encourages you to download the coupons from the site itself and affiliated websites to acquire active and valid coupon codes.
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With Shutterstock coupons, you can start spending your time finding the images you need and download them – even with a restricted budget. The stock photo agency provides equal chances to avail of their services to small companies and starting creative professionals. With over 65 million creative choices, you will surely find the image you are looking for at discounted prices.

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