Troubleshooting Adobe Stock


Are you using Adobe Stock as your primary image source? If you are, then you should familiarize yourself with these helpful tips. While the stock photo agency boasts world-class images, it is still a website that can encounter technical problems sometimes. But, this should not stop you from getting Adobe Stock photos. Here are some troubleshooting tips when you are faced with certain issues.

  • Unable to use Adobe Stock photos with Adobe Illustrator. This is a common problem for CC desktop application users, especially Adobe Illustrator. When this happens, try to download the files through the Licensed History page. If you are still unable to download the file, sign out from the website, sign back in again and try to download photos again. You can also try clearing your browser cache and deleting your Internet history if the above tips fail. Before all these, you have to make sure that your pop-up blocker is not blocking the download page, your browser accepts cookies and your firewall does not block outgoing information.
  • Can’t use Adobe Stock with desktop apps other than Creative Cloud. As a standalone website, you can use Adobe Stock with any photo-editing application. This means you can download the image to your computer. After the image downloads, open it with your favored photo-editing application.
  • Adobe Stock photos look different in browser. Another common problem of Adobe Photoshop users is that images are rendered differently in browser than in Photoshop. In this case, make sure you are working in RGB color space. RGB is a standard for most PC monitors. Adjust the contrast or brightness if the monitor displays color differently.


If you are still having troubles with Adobe Stock, you have plenty of options to take. You can visit the website in the common questions section, ask the community of experts or connect with the stock photo agency’s staff. The website also offers an online manual and tutorials. You can also get assistance from the stock site’s awesome support people. Were this troubleshooting tips helpful? We hope you find the answer to your problems.

If you are new to Adobe Stock, you will surely love it. The stock photo agency offers over 45 million world-class royalty-free images. You will surely find the perfect image to jump-start your creative projects. If you are using Creative Cloud applications, you are in for more treats. You can save money with the exclusive 40% discount on members and time from complete reworks when you finally decide to license the image.

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