Vector Editing Apps and VectorFresh: A Great Combo for your Creative Needs

Do you always miss family gatherings and vacations with your friends? Being a creative professional has its own perks and cons. You need to stay hooked with your desktop computer to finish your projects. But, that is not the case anymore. Thanks to mobile vector editing apps, you can bring your work with you! Combine it with one of the best vector sites in the market and you’ll be rolling!

Mobile vector editing apps allow you to work with your projects wherever, whenever. You can go on vacation and still complete your creative process in between fun times. Here are three of the top vector editing apps in the market right now!

  • Adobe Illustrator Draw
    Adobe has already established its name as one of the behemoths in the creative industry. They are now giving you the opportunity to create beautiful and scalable vectors on your favorite Android and iOS devices. What’s great is that the app is for free! 
  • Inkpad
    Inkpad is a great vector editing app for iOS users. Packed with features and tools for drawing and layering, you will definitely find it easy to complete your projects. However, it is available for a price – $2.99 only.
  • Bez – Vector Illustration
    Another awesome feature-packed iOS vector editing app is the Bez Vector Illustration. It supports Slide Over, Split View, Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard – making it a perfect addition to your creative arsenal.

With all these amazing vector editing apps, the only thing missing is the vector itself. While there are a number of vector sources in the market, nothing is like VectorFresh. All vectors in the library are hand-checked for quality, compatibility and functionality. You don’t have to worry about broken or corrupted files anymore. You have all the time to spend with your work, your family and your friends.

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